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Statistical data about San Mango sul Calore

Region = Campania

Province = Avellino

Town = San Mango sul Calore

Please find in what follows some statistics about San Mango sul Calore.

The values and the percentual values related to banks, churches, pharmacies, schools and the most common surname will be presented and compared with the provincial and regional ones.

Datum Town Town % Province Province % Region Region %
Banks00 %1248.56 %1448100.00 %
Churches20.11 %20010.87 %1840100.00 %
Pharmacies10.06 %1579.33 %1683100.00 %
Schools30.04 %8149.56 %8512100.00 %
Surname: Coppola1060.62 %9985.81 %17177100.00 %

The same in the surroungings of San Mango sul Calore:

Lapio (AV) (3.4), Castelvetere sul Calore (AV) (3.4), Luogosano (AV) (3.6), Paternopoli (AV) (5.2), Chiusano di San Domenico (AV) (5.5),